Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hello Mum

Well it's been a great day here sunny blue skies , to good to be true really. We enjoyed a lovely walk along the country lane ... But we just got home in time , the Heavens opened and down came the Hail Stone . Phew!!   

Not long now it it will be Easter , quite early this year . There are certainly signs of it here, Daffodils have appeared blowing in the breeze. So at the moment we are back with wet weather again , and a muddy garden. Still that is what happens this time of year , at least it isn't bitter cold. 

Have a great Weekend 


  1. I love that picture!!


  2. Glad you got your walk in the dry Sheila :) Horrible wet day here too, I hope it brightens ups soon!Love to you and Lucy xx

  3. Not long at all Sheila, and we'll be putting the clocks forward soon, British Summer Time eh?... :-) ... Lucy looks so happy... Big Hugs to you and Lucy, have a great weekend .. xPenx