Thursday, 31 July 2014

It's Good to See Great Granny back

When one of our blogging friends is absent for a while we all tend to wonder where they are 
So it was so good to see one of my Blogging friend return. 

Wow it's  almost August , looking back to July . 
I visited my older sister, met up with a dear friend after 12 years. 
The heatwave here has been lovely, it's all set to change this weekend. Welcoming some much needed rain. 

The garden is doing fine, I love these blooms . Seems they have mingled  in together giving a lovely display. 

I received a lovely letter long I might say from my friend. Pen to paper can't beat it as it's popped through the Letter Box.  Landing on the mat gives a little cheer to ones heart. 

Plenty of Wildlife here to ...Bunnies , Woodpecker's , and a mass of Sparrow's , Doves, Wood Pigeon's,.
Wouldn't it  be Wonderful if the World was as peaceful as they all are. The Joy and tranquil they bring .

Enjoy your Weekend . Take Care .