Thursday, 31 July 2014

It's Good to See Great Granny back

When one of our blogging friends is absent for a while we all tend to wonder where they are 
So it was so good to see one of my Blogging friend return. 

Wow it's  almost August , looking back to July . 
I visited my older sister, met up with a dear friend after 12 years. 
The heatwave here has been lovely, it's all set to change this weekend. Welcoming some much needed rain. 

The garden is doing fine, I love these blooms . Seems they have mingled  in together giving a lovely display. 

I received a lovely letter long I might say from my friend. Pen to paper can't beat it as it's popped through the Letter Box.  Landing on the mat gives a little cheer to ones heart. 

Plenty of Wildlife here to ...Bunnies , Woodpecker's , and a mass of Sparrow's , Doves, Wood Pigeon's,.
Wouldn't it  be Wonderful if the World was as peaceful as they all are. The Joy and tranquil they bring .

Enjoy your Weekend . Take Care .

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Just the three of us...

meeting up for lunch on a fine and sunny day. Well that was Monday , remember my two best ladies friends  in their 80's and 90's. The two of them hadn't seen each other for a while , so there was a lot of cross talking . Looking left then right wondering if they could possibly each get a word in edge ways. ( Giggle) We had a frothy  Coffee to start in our favourite Coffee bar. This little place opened a year ago and has really taken off.
Shopping before our bite of lunch , so off we went. The Cobbles were not the best place to take a stroll especially if you are a senior , with a slight wobble. Holding gently onto each of them attracted a smile or two from strangers I must say. But once on the flat surface the shopping took hold . It's lovely to see the Charity shops so busy. A few purchases and off we went to the next store.( Charity shop that is ) 
Lunch in our local Deli was very tasty, just a light lunch , and a nice cup of tea served up in a China Cup and saucer. 
Every day this week the Song Thrush has been belting out a Beautiful Song high in the Tree tops. 
I am just hoping this is a good sign, and we are all going to enjoy a long hot Summer. 
Spring only three weeks away brings a smile .
Sitting in the garden or up by my pond , feeding the Ducks and watching the Dragon Fly humming by mmm. 
With a glass of Lemonade (homemade) sitting in the Deckchair. 

What a Wonderful thought.

Bye for Now and Happy thoughts 
Enjoy your Week.