Friday, 15 November 2013

Little Louis

He is a fine chap my little Budgie chat chat all day long . 
What makes me laugh is why is he so interested in what I am eating , glaring down at my plate as I PASS HIM BY. Then he starts to eat his seed from the tray. Bright as a spark happy my sister brought him to me when his owner no longer wanted him.
Three Cheers I'd say..

Small talk .

Saturday, 11 May 2013

A story To tell....
I was remembering way back in the  mid 70's when I came across little Beauty.
 I was visiting my Mum , as at the time I was living in London. I used to regularly catch the train from Kings Cross to Newcastle. Which was a three and a half hour Journey.
My brother informed me that they had a few days ago came across a lost and very sad looking Yorkshire Terrier.  She had been dumped by all accounts , and looking in very bad condition.
Her toe nails were so long they circled round and round , and her fur was so matted it was all lumpy. Her teeth were poor and what with bad breath , it was apparent she had been  neglected and had been for an awful long time.
 My heart sank and a plan popped into my head, I would take her back to London.
All ready and packed I popped her into my large duffel bag, and she didn't seem to mind. After a few days with her with cuddles I think she put her trust in me.
Boarding the train I think I felt like a criminal smuggling her on board.
The carriages were full at six people per carriage.
It was a relief to reach my destination with no hold-ups.
I Called her Beauty .
The Vet trimmed her fur cut her nails and cleaned her teeth. He informed me she must at least be well over 10years old plus...
Well after a few days of settling in , I took her up on the Common . It's a day I will never forget... The look on her little fluffy face was pure joy. She ran with me the breeze blowing in her little face. It had all been worth while to see her this happy.
It was  worth to me  more than a million dollars.
Her time with me was Joyous and a very contented little Yorkshire Terrier , she lived up to her name little Beauty.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hello Mum

Well it's been a great day here sunny blue skies , to good to be true really. We enjoyed a lovely walk along the country lane ... But we just got home in time , the Heavens opened and down came the Hail Stone . Phew!!   

Not long now it it will be Easter , quite early this year . There are certainly signs of it here, Daffodils have appeared blowing in the breeze. So at the moment we are back with wet weather again , and a muddy garden. Still that is what happens this time of year , at least it isn't bitter cold. 

Have a great Weekend 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lucy little Tinker

My  slipper's have gone missing so I thought, well what do you know Lucy has ran off with them.:) She has livened up no end , I think maybe she's only 2 years old not 4 years. Unless she is so happy and relaxed now , she hasn't a care in the World. Can't wait for better weather so we can (or she can) have a run on the Beach.

My past two greyhound 's were older by three or four years, than Lucy. So it 's just like having a pup , it did take me by surprise actually. A lot of fun and sure keeps me on my toes. The house is now a untidy one (laughs!! ) She sure is a live wire..